Flushed over MK’s battle of superloo

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The mayor of Milton Keynes is flushed with anger after being “boycotted” from the opening of a public toilet.

Councillor Brian White was booked in his mayoral diary to be guest of honour when the long-awaited portable loo opened in Station Square on Monday.

But at the last minute he was told his presence was not required, he says.

The U turn has now erupted into a political battle with a whole chain of accusations.

It is understood Mr White was banned under the purdah rule that prevents councillors from publicising themselves just before an election.

But he is pooh-poohing that because he says the mayor is exempt from purdah. And council leader Andrew Geary and Tory councillor Alice Bramall DID attend, despite the fact that they too are standing for re-election.

“This does not show the council in a good light,” said Brian, who has carried out around 500 engagements in his year of reign.

He added: “I don’t like letting people down. I apologise to anybody who was expecting me there and I will be taking the matter up with the chief executive.”

The self cleaning superloo was eventually opened by Peter Ballantyne from the MK Bus Users Group, which has been campaigning for three years for the facility.

Said Mr White: “Peter was the right person to open it. I’m just cross about the way I was treated.”

Bursting with pride, Mr Geary said: “To be honest I don’t know why Brian could not be there. I think something somewhere must have gone wrong. But the important thing is that we have got the facility in place after three years of people having to wait.”