Fly-tipper fined for stream dump

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A LANDLORD was fined nearly £2,000 at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court on Friday (June 3) after using a rogue waste disposal service that dumped his rubbish in a stream.

Imran Khan, 28, of Instant Lettings, Mill Street, Luton, pleaded guilty to three offences of breaching his duty of care with regard to the proper disposal of waste under S.34 Environmental Protection Act 1990.

He was fined £1,700 and ordered to pay Milton Keynes Council’s legal costs of £704.24.

Magistrates heard that on Thursday 28th October 2010, a farmer from North Crawley found a large amount of builder’s waste, electrical items, broken furniture and toys dumped in a stream on his lands. The farmer had to pay to get rid of the waste.

Investigations by enforcement officers from Milton Keynes Council led them to an empty property in Windsor Walk, Luton.

The property was managed by Instant Lettings and Mr Khan was questioned about the dumped waste.

It became apparent that Mr Khan had arranged for waste to be removed from the property but had failed to use a registered waste carrier.

Mr Khan revealed that he had used somebody who had dropped a leaflet through his door.

He admitted to failing, as the law demands, to keeping records of his waste, who had removed it and where it was being taken.

Cllr Peter Geary, cabinet member for Environment, said, “It is important that businesses, as well as residents, use Authorised Waste Carriers to take their waste away.

“In this case, as a direct result of failing to do this, the waste was removed by an irresponsible person and dumped in a stream, costing the farmer hundreds of pounds to clear it.”