Food Review: Italian pub food at The Plough, Simpson

Food at The Plough, Simpson
Food at The Plough, Simpson

Fancy going for an Italian Meal in the heart of Milton Keynes but not in a chain restaurant?

How about going to a pub run by an Italian family and serving great English and Italian food all under one roof. We headed to the Plough in Simpson to find out more.

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The first sign of a good establishment is the coffee it serves. The Plough serves Illy coffee, which always tastes great and most top venues use it.

We arrived at the pub at 1pm on a Sunday for pre-drinks and ended up talking to a couple of older gents who have been drinking in the pub for over 30 years. They have seen many changes not only to the pub but the whole of Milton Keynes. They recommended the food at The Plough, saying it is marvellous.

We were shown to our table at the back of the building, a room which is being developed every week with interesting decorations. The light shines through the window and you”ll find Italian canvases dotted around the walls and tables showing off fresh flowers with lots of colour.

The chocolate leather covered chairs are comfortable and the restaurant was pretty busy with guests of all ages – always a good sign.

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We selected our starters. One guest selected the ham hock, side salad and chunky toasted bread. The ham hock made earlier that morning was lovely and kept my guest engaged until it vanished, gone in just two minutes to be precise.

Scallops with bacon and salad was the choice for another guest. Powerful with flavour and well cooked, this starter was a perfect light choice and seasoned from the salty bacon bits.

My other guest and I shared a mixed Italian platter which included black and green olives, mozzarella balls, roasted vegetables, Parma ham, prescott and warm bread. This huge sharer came on a lazy sue and was very filling. The meats were particularly good along with the warm, fresh breads. This was an impressive starter.

A well deserved gap and we were on to the mains. My guests selected the king prawn rostini, which featured four impressive prawns, some shelled and some naked with the sweetest cherry tomatoes we’ve ever tried. This dish needs to be a starter dish in my opinion, not because of the size but because it sits better as a sandwich type dish.

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Marcos famous parma ham chicken stuffed with sundried tomatos on a bed of risotto al dente was another main dish. The chicken was tender, juicy and crispy – very good. My other guest selected the carbonara which was creamy, well flavoured, hot and was a large portain.

Eventually I chose pizza but originally it was stuck between seafood pasta, so I asked for a seafood pizza which was delicious, crispy and extremely filling. The toppings included prawns, scallops and muscles; an awesome pizza.

For desserts we went for a cheese board which was displayed on another lazy sue, while a delightful brownie and taramisu were polished off at the end of the meal.

The Plough is a really good place to eat, have a date or gather with the family.

The Plough, Simpson Road, Simpson, Milton Keynes MK6 3AH

01908 691555

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