Football festival in-Spire-s

Children from White Spires and Bushfield schools
Children from White Spires and Bushfield schools

WHITE Spire School in Bletchley held a festival of football for all of their pupils.

The event was held in connection with Bushfield School in Wolverton and children were encouraged to get involved and play as much as possible.

Teacher at White Spires, Sean McMahon, said: “The event was a great success. The idea was to make children from mainstream schools aware of the different circumstances some kids have.

The teams were mixed with children from each school for the mini 5-a-side tournament.

“Whether it is physical or learning disabilities they all have a lot of similarities, such as wanting to play sport and have fun.”

Mr McMahon got in touch with his counterpart at Bushfield and said he was more than happy to get involved and invited him and his pupils to the school to enjoy the Special Meets Mainstream Footy Festival.

Mr McMahon said: “The event was very inclusive and every child played with a smile on their face. It was such a nice day and it shows that sport can help remove the barriers between children.”

The event proved to be such a success that the schools will be holding one each term with different sports.