Former soldier from Milton Keynes seeks compensation for sight loss

A former soldier from Bletchley is seeking compensation after becoming blind in his left eye following an accident while on Army training in Canada.

Dean McVeigh was a soldier with the Royal Green Jackets when the accident happened more than 20 years ago, a War Pensions Armed Forces Compensation Tribunal was told.

Mr McVeigh, aged 45, who lives in the Bletchley Park area, was appealing for compensation after complaining previous incidents may have contributed to his blindness – culminating in the accident in Canada.

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He said he did not have any eye trouble until he joined the Army and had passed his medical without problems.

Mr McVeigh, represented at the tribunal by the Royal British Legion, said he accidently broke his nose years ago at one stage of his career and was knocked out during a boxing match.

He believed the incidents that may have contributed to his defective eyesight over a period of time.

Mr McVeigh said he went blind in his left during a training exercise.

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“I was asleep when we were called out,” he told the tribunal. “It was pitch black and I hit something as I ran outside. I starting seeing spots later and became ill.”

Mr McVeigh said his weight went down from 12 stone to eight and a half stone and he was medically discharged from the Army in 1993.

The tribunal will make it decision later.