Former UKIP candidate given assault discharge

John van Weenen
John van Weenen

A 74-year-old martial arts instructor with an MBE assaulted his girlfriend during a row over his alleged infidelity.

Former This is Your Life guest, John van Weenen, pleaded guilty to common assault after injuring his on/off partner at his home in Olney three weeks ago.

The prosecution alleged Mr van Weenen ripped out Katherine Oliver’s hair extensions and pushed her marriage finger back as he tried to prise a mobile phone out of her hand.

The heated row was sparked by an “abusive” call made by Ms Oliver to a woman she believed was having an affair with Mr van Weenen, the court heard.

His defence team said that Mr van Weenen, who ran as a UKIP parliamentary candidate in South West Beds, in May, was a “charitable man” who “did not intend to inflict injury or harm.”

Speaking exclusively to the Citizen, Mr van Weenen – who has taught martial arts for 50 years – vowed to continue teaching.

He said: “I was very upset when she made an accusation against me. Jealousy can be a terrible thing.

“When she heard the court’s judgement she had a thunderous look on her face and the left the court.

“Despite everything I wish her well.”

Mr van Weenen was given a conditional discharge by Milton Keynes Magistrates in court yesterday and ordered to pay £425 costs.