Foul-mouthed Aldi shopper used her toddler as a battering ram to attack guard in Milton Keynes

A foul-mouthed mum punched an Aldi security guard, spat in his face and even rammed him repeatedly with a buggy containing her terrified toddler son.

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 1:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 2:11 pm
Aldi Westcroft

Other shoppers at Aldi in Westcroft watched aghast as the little boy sobbed during the woman's astonishing three minute outburst of violence.

When one Aldi employee tried to remove the little boy from danger, she spat four letter expletives at her.

Videos shared on social media show the woman trying to break free when the guard tries to block her exit from the store after apprehending her near the tills.

The little boy was heard screaming as his mum rammed the buggy repeatedly into the man and aimed a punch at his face.

But when a female employee pushed the buggy away to a safe distance, the woman chased after her shouting: “If you touch him again, I’ll f*** you up.”

The video, shot on customers’ mobile phones, even shows her picking up an item from the nearby packing area and hurling it at the guard’s face.

“It was disgusting behaviour and it went on for at least three minutes while all the other shoppers watched in horror. I dread to think what impact it will have on the poor little boy,” said one customer.

Aldi declined to comment on the incident, which has now been reported to police.