Four firefighters called to rescue a trapped pigeon


Four firefighters rushed to the rescue of an distressed pigeon in Bletchley on Monday.

The bird was trapped in netting and concerned passers-by in Cambridge Street called the RSPCA.

Because the netting was too high too reach, the RSPCA called Bucks Fire and Rescue, who promptly sent a fire engine and crew from nearby Bletchley fire station.

Firefighters used a “short extension ladder” to release the pigeon shortly after 5pm.

A Bucks Fire spokesman said: “We are called out to rescue birds and animals a few times a year. People see a living creature in distress and they want something done about it.”

He said the correct procedure was always to call the RSPCA first.

“If the RSPCA cannot reach the animal or bird, or need assistance to free it, then we will help. In this case the correct procedure was followed.”

The spokesman said the standard crew in any call out consisted of four firefighters.