Four road deaths on Milton Keynes roads lead to calls for right turn review


An ‘accident hotspot’ in Milton Keynes could be under review after two people were killed on Millers Way at the junction of Hodge Lea Lane last week.

Mayor of Milton Keynes, Brian White, says there are ‘lessons to be learnt’ from two fatal collisions two days apart. A pedestrian was also knocked down in V4 Watling Street.

Councillor White said: “Milton Keynes is one of the safest cities in the country, but what we do have a problem with is right turns.

“We are conscious to make sure we continue to learn and improve so the council get it right.”

A woman from Tattenhoe was also killed in a road accident on the V6 Grafton Street at the junction of Oldbrook Boulevard on April 25, which left her son in a critical condition in hospital.

Former cabinet member for Highways and Transport, John Bint, says road safety education is vital.

Councillor Bint said: “Over all Milton Keynes generally has safer roads than many other places. One of the biggest contributory factors as to why they are so safe is because of the grid road system.

“Still, there can be sometimes be accidents caused in error judgement or turning without looking. If there is a road in particular that has had a cluster of accidents, the council are keen to deal with it and think about redesigning a particular junction.

“I think the council’s programme for junction improvement is really important and a consistent process of road safety education for teenagers and young people, which if possible, should be expanded.

“I think we should resist any knee jerk attack by the anti-motoring brigade who say we should slow speed down to make the road safer, but that is not sensible thing to do.”

MK Citizen reader Darius Laura Cusack said: “It is getting a joke now the road needs to be investigated – slower speed limits and close the junctions off – way too many accidents, third in the space of one month.”

Stuart Folwell added: “I was on the scene of the accident and with the family when the news was past, not a good day, and it was the second fatal in two days in MK. I helped out at both.”

> A 25-year-old man was released on bail after the three-car collision on Millers Way, after being arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving and suspected to have been driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs.