Four week delay to Wolverton Health Centre path

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This is the road to nowhere. For four weeks the new path to the under construction Wolverton Health Centre led to a metal fence.

That’s because work had to be stopped after a council highways department error.

Work has now started on the Gloucester Road based health centre – and the path.

Former councillor Mike Galloway, who lives in Wolverton, blasted the council over the delay.

He said: “Why waste time and money building a new path – which is not cheap – just weeks before the whole site was to be dug up to build the much needed new Wolverton Health Centre?

“To me this is just one of a catalogue of failures from the sorry tale of the Highways & Transport department of Milton Keynes Council.

“The resources wasted on this could have been far better used elsewhere. Exactly why so many projects in this part of the council goes so wrong needs to be found out – and quickly.

“I will be asking the Audit Committee to ensure a proper external investigation is undertaken into why so many highways and transport projects go wrong.”

A Milton Keynes Council spokesman said: “We were undertaking improvements in the area and included the health centre path in these works.

“However, after work had started the health centre advised us that they wished to carry out improvement works including the path. The work stopped without any cost to the council.”