Fourth attempted abduction claim was false

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THREE of the four boys involved in an alleged attempted abduction have admitted the report was false.

The boys originally claimed a van approached them on Wednesday (15/6), in Plaistow Crescent, Monkston Park, and told them to get in the vehicle.

However, a 47-year-old man, of no fixed abode, was arrested on Sunday in connection with the offences. He was been released on police bail until August 5.

Chf Insp Ed McLean, Deputy Commander for Milton Keynes Local Policing Area, said: “The boys have been given a stern talking to by officers about wasting police time and the seriousness of making false reports to the police. Officers have also spoken to their parents.

“We did have some reservations about this report when it came in as the description of the offender was so different. However we have to treat each report as being genuine and as a result many hours of officers’ time was wasted taking statements and arranging interviews.

“We understand that these incidents have scared people and as a result we have been inundated with calls about people in vans. We are trying to get back to people as fast as we can but due to the sheer number of calls we are prioritising them and responding accordingly.

“Most of the calls are members of the public reporting suspicious vehicles or suggesting people the offender could be. However, I would like to stress that we haven’t had any more attempted abductions reported to us since last Thursday.

“We will continue to maintain an increased police presence in the areas where the incidents happened and we have sent a letter out to all the local schools for them to give to parents. I would like to reassure residents that we are taking the three genuine reports very seriously and continue to investigate a number of leads.”