Frankly, Gallery event is comical!

MKomix art
MKomix art

THE current Pushwagner exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery is a visually pleasing, thought-provoking look at the world we live in, and the machinist way that we exist, writes Sammy Jones.

From a great height we are all bustling ants: Working like clockwork, following routine and enduring the repetition that life can all too easily become.

Pushwagner’s graphic novel Soft City is described best as ‘an epic satire of capitalism and life in the modern metropolis,’ while some of his large-scale paintings are simply staggering in their detail.

More than 350 people attended the private view a couple of weeks back and plenty more visitors have passed through the mouth of the venue, and into the Gallery to view the work directly.

If you have yet to soak up the show, you’ve got until September to put that right, and there are loads of additional reasons why a visit to the Theatre District location really is worth it:

The gallery has organised a full programme of events set complement the exhibition – his first solo show outside Norway.

This evening, MKomix, a Small Press Comic Fair is being hosted on site, featuring some of the very best of the UKs comic creators, who will be displaying and selling their work.

More than 25 crafty-creatives will be setting up among Pushwagner’s engaging deliveries, with a number expected to be at work drawing during the event.

New city success Paul Rainey is at the helm, and aside from helping to piece the session together, will also be using the occasion to premiere his new comic, Thunder Brother: Soap Division.

Jade Sarson, responsible for the a-moo-sing art, far right, will also be on hand.

“MKomix Comic Fair is an opportunity for people to experience the creatively vital comic fanzine scene.

“I think visitors will be suprised by the range of comics available and the people creating them,” Paul said.

MKomix will welcome you between 6 and 9pm this evening.

Admission is free, so go on – pop in, and be impressed.

> If you want to know, and see more examples of work from those taking part, go online to

From the cartoon to the charismatic – Flute player Elena Duran will be live at The Stables this evening, with piano accompaniment, and tomorrow evening the Wavendon venue welcomes the Pasadena Roof Orchestra with the show Licensed to Swing.

Call MK 280800 to book.