Free clothes for those in need in Milton Keynes


A new free clothing storehouse has opened for people in need, based in Stacey Bushes.

MK Storehouse has been set up by Grand Union Vineyard Church (GUV), and has garments for anyone from schoolchildren upwards, of all faiths and ethnicities.

The church will partner with professional agencies, local authorities, faith groups and professionals working in care, health and education for referrals, identifying those in genuine need of help.

MK Storehouse, which will initially have limited opening hours, will also provide a welcoming environment for people from across MK to enjoy a hot drink and listening ear from storehouse manager or one of the friendly team of volunteers from the church who will be helping run the project.

Manager Alan Smith said: “In ancient times storehouses were used to keep the surplus in times of plenty to provide supplies to the people during times of famine.

“MK Storehouse will be the place where those with a surplus of clothing in Milton Keynes can ensure it reaches those who are experiencing times of lack. The uncertainties of this world mean that any one of us could find ourselves needing help - so we should be generous and have compassion for our fellow citizens.”

Mayor of Milton Keynes Derek Eastman, who officially opened the church today, said: “I am constantly amazed and proud of the way MK residents step in to volunteer and support people in great need.

“This new facility provides support for some of the most vulnerable families and communities in Milton Keynes. The Grand Union Vineyard Church have seen a need and stepped up to the mark to address it. Now it is also up to the residents of Milton Keynes to throw their full support behind this initiative, and if past experience is anything to go on I know they will.

“I wish every success to the Grand Union Vineyard Church in their endeavours to support the community they aim to serve.”