Free electricity from bin contents

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Plans for a new state-of-the-art treatment plant to recycle rubbish into renewable energy came a step closer to fruition this week.

After six months of consultation with the council and public, contractor AmeyCespa submitted its application for planning permission.

The company is seeking to build the new plant at Old Wolverton’s Dickens Road,

It will take virtually every scrap of black sack waste – the domestic and food debris that cannot currently be recycled or composted.

The smelly mass is processed with extreme heat, anaerobic digestion and mechanical treatments. The resulting gasses are then converted into electricity.

A spokesman for AmeyCespa said: “It will make the most of people’s everyday rubbish, ensuring as much as possible is recycled, as well as generating renewable energy and creating electricity from waste which would otherwise have gone to landfill. This is turn will create a saving for the council and ultimately Milton Keynes taxpayers.”

The new plant would mean only two per cent of all the waste in Milton Keynes goes to landfill.