‘Friend of Israel’ MP is urged to stand up for Gaza


Dolls wrapped in ‘blood-stained’ bandages to represent dead children in Gaza were dumped in the bin by staff at the city MPs’ office, the Citizen can reveal.

The offering was made after 350 people marched through the city on Sunday in support of the Palestinians of Gaza.

They carried home-made dolls swathed in red painted cloth to represent the hundreds of children killed in attacks by Israel.

Three of them were laid ceremoniously outside the office of Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart, who is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel group.

The multi-faith marchers, who included Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, also wrote a letter to Mr Stewart urging him to rescind his membership.

It stated: “We would like Iain Stewart to resign from the Conservative Friends of Israel with immediate effect as this does not represent us, the people of Milton Keynes, and no ‘friend’ of ours kills children and innocent people.”

Staff at the MP’s MK Business Centre office found the letter and dolls on Monday morning.

One told the Citizen: “They were just dolls covered in red paint. It was a bit messy and our receptionists had to clear it up... We threw them away. I think we put them in the bin.”

Mr Stewart said: “I have a been a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel for many years because I support the right of Israel to exist peacefully. However that does not mean I support or condemn any one Israeli government.

“I also support the right of Palestinians to have a sovereign country of their own.

“The ‘two state solution’ is the outcome that I have long hoped for and will continue to argue for.”