Friends bid farewell to Donut after a battle with cancer

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FIFTY bikers set out for the final time to say goodbye to their friend Paul Richardson, who died after a battle with cancer.

Paul, known to many as Donut, was a member of the National Chopper Club but died at Willen Hospice.

There was an outpouring of tributes posted on the Chopper Club website from people all over the country who had ridden with Donut, 55, and who were affected by his passing.

On Saturday morning, the group of riders followed his funeral hearse along the A5 to Crownhill Crematorium.

His wife Trish said he meant so much to so many, and would be sorely missed by his children Leah, Alan, Stephen, Joe and Tom.

She said: “He was a great man. He was a real local boy, raised in Bradwell. He never gave less than 100 per cent.

“Paul was a para, so everything he did was organised and disciplined, but he was really funny too.

“He was a biker from a young age, and used to be the mascot for biker groups when he was young, but he didn’t get his first bike until later on.

“It was his passion and all he ever wanted to do was get out and ride.

“His sons are all into bikes, so that is his legacy to them.

“He was a great dad.”