Friends plan a jet-ski journey across the English Channel to help neo-natal unit

Chris Kealy and Richard Hird
Chris Kealy and Richard Hird

Two pals from Milton Keynes are planning to jet-ski across the sea to France, to help babies in need.

Chris Kealy and Richard Hird have been preparing for the trip across the English Channel and aim to raise £10,000 during the adventure on Saturday, June 3.

Jet-ski challenge

Jet-ski challenge

Richard said: “Emergency baby care is something that is very dear to our hearts and because of this we have selected Milton Keynes Hospital Charity as our chosen charity.

“Our aim is to provide at least two baby heart monitoring machines to the neonatal unit which we know they are in desperate need of.

“This is why our target is so high but not unachievable with your help.”

The brave duo will launch from Rye harbour, in East Sussex, setting sail to Boulogne and then attempting to return in the fastest time possible.

Richard said: “Our goal is to see if it is possible to make it to France on a personal watercraft, commonly known as a jet-ski or water-bike.

“As far as we know, or can research, this hasn’t been attempted or achieved by many people.

He added: “It’s going to be quite a daunting task fraught with danger, not to mention the red tape, paperwork and worst of all still that unpredictable element called the weather!”