From brothels to book-writing

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A FORMER brothel owner who has achieved literary fame has one special person to thank – the lovely lady from Wolverton library.

‘Madam’ Becky Adams prompted some strange looks at first when she wandered into the library’s creative writing group one afternoon and announced she wanted to write a book about her 20 years in the prostitution business.

Surprised teacher Linda Dunscombe not only took her seriously, but helped her write the book, chapter by titillating chapter.

This week ‘MADAM, Prostitutes, Punters and Puppets’ won the coveted Brit Writers award for non-fiction.

Said Becky, 44: “If it had not been for Linda and Wolverton library, the book could never have been written. I was an expert at running a brothel but I couldn’t write for toffee. She taught me everything.”

The book, published earlier this year, was greeted with apprehension by many well-known city people – for fear they would appear in it.

But Becky, whose girls entertained everybody from high ranking police officers and politicians to magistrates and managing directors, adopted a strict no kiss and tell rule.

The true identities of people who visited the ’Becky’s Kittens’ base above the Bletchley’s old Lloyds bank will always remain private, she promises.

“I have disguised some of the people to tell some of the more amusing stories though!”

One story involves two police officer clients who spent an enjoyable drunken evening handcuffing their favourite girl naked to a swivel chair.

“The very next day we were raided by police and among them were the two chair swivelers from the previous night. They had the grace to look embarrassed as they closed us down. I just gave them a crafty wink and said nothing.”

Becky, now a successful after dinner speaker, also advises students about the perils of the sex industry. Her second book – sexy ways to achieve business success – is out next year.

MADAM is available from Waterstones MK, Amazon and Kindle.