From Michael Jackson to Alan Turing, you have your say on the MK Rose

An artists impression of The Rose
An artists impression of The Rose

THE first column of a new memorial will be revealed tomorrow as part of Armistice Day.

The Rose will unveil its 11/11 column at 11am. But there are still 139 columns to fill, while some believe the monument should have focused solely on Armistice Day.

We asked people what they thought of The Rose – and what else it should commemorate.

Peter Simpson

It should celebrate Milton Keynes milestones, such as the dates the founding families came to the city, business success, Marshalls, Red Bull and the Open University.

Philip Shadbolt

How about this for an idea: If we put solar panels on the stones, we could use this to power an LED light to illuminate each stone on its memorial day. For example, if it was a stone for Guy Fawkes, then it would illuminate on November 5.

We could then also make all of them illuminate on special days.

Chris Townsend

I think that the style and location of this new memorial is completely wrong. A more traditional style war memorial located within the city centre would be more appropriate.

G Whitehouse and A Hiles

My partner and I totally agree with this monument but strongly feel it should only commemorate events and/or people linked to UK, items such as the succession of a USA president should be totally ignored..

Name and address supplied

I think vibrant modernistic MK is a brilliant location for this ultra-modern Memorial Monument.

I would like to see Michael Jackson commemorated as he did perform at The Milton Keynes Bowl.

‘Scrumptious’, comment on

Looks like something out of Star Trek or a cheap version of Stonehenge where people will dance round naked, puffing spliffs.

Paul Griffiths, comment on

There are many traditional war memorials around MK dedicated to fallen servicemen. I see the MK Rose as a modern interpretation of what a memorial should be. Yes, to remember our fallen servicemen and women – but also perhaps those of other nations, perhaps too the forgotten innocent civilians.

Peter Leeson, comment on

Hoping for a column to represent Alan Turing’s contribution to science and civilization.

‘gwilym’, comment on

It’s got the potential to be a fabulous addition to MK – nice to have a focal point for stuff. I like the idea of maybe one of the columns being like the plinth in Trafalgar square – regularly changing.

Nadia Sylvester, comment on

We cannot forget all those incredible people who put their lives on the front line. They deserve to be commemorated. Then there are the scientists, we need to keep the memory of their achievements alive, stress how their discoveries have infinitely improved our quality of life.

Helen Wilson, posted on

I would prefer if it was a memorial for all events the diverse communities within MK can come to commemorate as the need arises.

Our war memorials are rightfully in the towns and villages of those that fell. CMK should not seek to diminish local remembrance.

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