From the new city to the Big Apple for chef

Laurie Moran
Laurie Moran

A MILTON Keynes-born pastry chef is proving that hard work, talent and perseverance pay off after being commended as one of the best in New York.

Laurie Jon Moran, 32, was born in the new city, growing up with parents who nurtured his appreciation of food.

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His father spent a lot of time working in France and introduced the family to French cuisine, while his mother’s home-made Italian classics further sparked his passion for delicious dishes.

Laurie said: “I knew I wanted to be a chef at a very young age.”

Determined to succeed, he enrolled in a full-time cookery course at Northampton College, completing several hospitality and catering courses.

After completing his training, Laurie worked in London’s St Martin’s Lane Hotel and Oxford’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons.

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Now working in Manhattan as the Executive Pastry chef at New York’s Le Bernardin, Laurie has recently been acknowledged by critics from the New York Times, who have named him as one of the best chefs in the Big Apple.

Le Bernardin serves French cuisine in a mixture of modern and classic ways and has been winning awards and Michelin stars since opening in 1986.

The glitz and glamour associated with a top New York position is outweighed by the sheer hard work, but Laurie is in his element.

He said: “Having my own kitchen and my own team and being able to develop my own style is the part I enjoy the most.

“But it’s not just about me – there’s a lot of collaboration at Le Bernardin – it almost feels like a family.”

He adds: “I followed my passion but to be a great chef it also takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

“You have to go through a lot of annoying, tedious and difficult processes but then again, the most tedious things can be the most rewarding.”