From Willen to Boston...

Amy & Zach
Amy & Zach

THEY say everyone has a book in them, and Sarah Louise Smith has cut hers loose – her first novel, Amy & Zach is released tomorrow.

“I’ve been writing stories since I can remember, and jot down notes and ideas all the time,” says Sarah.

Amy & Zach is set in Boston and as you turn the pages you’ll soak in the story of MK based Amy who has moved to the US state for a year.

“The book starts by describing her return home, she’s anxious about seeing her family, particularly her sister’s fiance who she obviously has a history with,” says Sarah, giving us the brief.

She has also had a falling out with her American boyfriend Zach, who soon turns up, unannounced...

“I went on a trip to Boston for business a few years ago, so some of the ideas stem from that trip.

“Most of them come from daydreams,” marketing communications worker Sarah said.

Our new city features in the book too, specifically Willen Lake and The Peace Pagoda, but we’ll let you investigate that further when you get hold of your copy – you can purchase the e-book from Amazon, iTunes and or head to your local retailer and pick up the paperback.