Full steam ahead for magical trip

A LOCOMOTIVE which appeared on an episode of BBC’s Top Gear will be hauling a steam train from Milton Keynes to Canterbury for a magical day trip on Armistice Day.

Steam train enthusiastis will be able to join The Cathedrals Express steam train, hauled behind 60163 Tornado, for a nostalgic day trip to Canterbury on Friday, November 11.

Following the journey passengers will have up to three hours to explore the sights in Canterbury before the train returns to Milton Keynes at around 9.30pm.

Steam trains of this nature do not normally travel through Milton Keynes and collect passengers so this is a real treat for enthusiasts here who will get the chance to travel along the Kent Coast in style.

Passengers joining the train at Milton Keynes have five different travel options to choose from: two full dining options (Pullman Style and Premier Dining), First Class, Super Standard and Standard.

Pullman Style passengers will be seated in restored 1950s wood-panelled carriages and comfortable seats with individual table lamps and curtains at the window.

Welcome glasses of champagne accompany a delicious brunch on the outward journey and on return there will be canapés before a four-course meal with a half bottle of wine per person.

Premier Dining also features the champagne brunch and four course meal.

First Class passengers are seated in compartments for up to six people or at tables for two or four, with champagne, orange juice, tea and coffee.

Super Standard and Standard coaches are also available, offering a more affordable option, with prices ranging from £85 to £215 per person.

Marcus Robertson, chairman of The Cathedrals Express, said: “It is always really exciting to bring a steam train to a new route.

“The interest and enthusiasm from passengers to experience the sights, sounds and smells of a steam train as it thunders through the countryside at speeds of up to 75mph is wonderful.

“The idea of travelling in style, being looked after by our friendly and efficient staff while enjoying superb food and drink, just seems to strike a chord with the public.”

> For bookings call 01483 209888 or visit www.CathedralsExpress.co.uk.