Gangland-style ‘executions’ leave estate in shock

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THE gangland-style execution of two teenagers yards away from family homes has plunged an entire estate in crisis.

The double shooting in Fishermead last week proved the final nail in the coffin for hundreds of already jittery residents who have witnessed five horrific killings in a year.

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At the same time, an expert in the criminal underworld has revealed to the Citizen how guns can be purchased freely throughout the city for between £250 and £500 each.

“Guns are rife and so are drugs such as crack cocaine and heroin. Where there’s hard drugs, there’s always guns – and all it takes is a couple of phone calls and a few minutes to get one,” he said.

The fear on Fishermead is now so bad that councillors are busy arranging an Extraordinary Parish Meeting next Wednesday in a bid to ease tension.

Already they are worrying about finding a hall big enough to fit the anticipated amount of people, said Campbell Park Parish Council chairman Mike Johnson.

“We want to listen to the people themselves. We want to find out what is happening and nobody knows more than the people who live here.

“Why are these crimes happening? Are there major drug dealers on our streets? Is there a conflict between rival gangs? We need to find the answers and then solutions to put people’s minds at rest.”

Last Thursday’s shooting has also rocked the city’s 7,000 strong Somalian community, who are denying rumours the victims were part of a drugs ring.

They describe Mohamed Abdi Farah, 19, as a “lovely, smiling boy” who helped elderly ladies carry their shopping from Fishermead Co-op.

“He moved here from Norway with his family when he was a child. They are good people,” said the head of MK Somalian Platform, Abshir Hirze.

He said the family had moved to Birmingham to seek “better opportunities” but Mohamed had travelled to Fishermead to stay with his uncle for a couple of days.

The teenager, recently returned from a trip to Somalia to visit his grandmother, was killed instantly while his friend from London, 18-year-old Amin Ahmed Ismail, died 12 hours later.

Both were known for low-level criminal activity, say police.

Said Abshir: “The Somalian community is no worse than any other. There are a few bad people but most of us sought refuge in this country to find peace and live quiet, lawful, lives.”

Fishermead, with its 200 houses in multiple occupancy, has a high and often transient population of Somalian refugees.

But, with a steady stream of burglaries and anti social behaviour episodes as well as several violent crimes happening every month, it is a haven for crooks of any nationality.

Said one resident: “The crime is almost constant and I’m now too scared to go out at night. There’s a lack of interest when we report crimes to the police and it feels like this estate has been forgotten about by the authorities.

“Five killings in 12 months is crazy – but perhaps it will finally make people recognise that Fishermead is in crisis.”

In May last year cab driver Musdafe Jama strangled his wife at their home in Tolcarne Avenue. Four months later HiMO tenant Bola Ejifunmilayo and her small daughter Fiyin died in an arson attack. A 48-year-old woman has since been jailed for double manslaughter.

For details of the parish council public meeting call MK 608559 or view