Gareth from the Office: All you need is love, times 365

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IN just a few days couples all over the world will be showing their love for each other.

But why does it have to be contained in one day? Shouldn’t that be the way things are the other 364 days as well?

Now before I get going you might think I am a loveless soul but nothing could be further from the truth.

I love, well, love, but it shouldn’t be restricted to just one day. And being single should not be a problem. Well, not if you’re a woman anyway.

No I haven’t had a Richard Keys and Andy Gray moment but statistics show there are around 1.65 million single men in the UK as opposed to just 1.27 million single women. So statistics are on the side of the fairer sex.

But if you think you girls are in for a bumper collection of chocolates, teddies and flowers you may be in for a rude awakening.

Statistics have shown that 65 per cent of men have never been in a flower shop. How do I know that? I’m part of the 35 per cent that have ventured into a flower shop.

And was it on Valentine’s Day? No. You see, in my opinion, romance is about spontaneity and imagination.

Now my gesture may have had more to do with making someone smile rather than just straight romance but the spontaneity comes from giving something to someone because you want to, not because you feel you have to.

Valentine’s Day has for so long been associated with love and couples but to many, and you may say the bitter ones, it is known as another holiday where card companies can make a pocket load of money.

Before this year I was in a relationship that went through two, nearly three, Valentine’s Days, and I have to admit I got caught in the trap of finding the ‘perfect’ card and the ‘perfect’ present .

What people need to do is stop focusing on the perfect presents and work on making every day as good as you can with a partner

Listen to people and get them a present that you’ve thought about, not just got on February 13, at 11.30pm.

And for those who are single remember there are 1.65 million men and 1.27 million women across the UK who are in the same boat as you.

So stop moping and get out and have some fun.

And stop focusing on just one day for that special person, remember there are 364 others for love as well.

And surely with birthdays and Christmas rolling around you don’t need another contained day for that special someone.

Who knows? Next year you could be celebrating, just one day, or every day with that perfect person.

It’s better to have loved and lost.......