Gareth from the Office: Animal cruelty is not acceptable


If someone hurts you or is cruel to you there are people you can tell, or even steps to take to get revenge.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for animals. I saw a story over the weekend that made me feel a little sick. A ‘person’ fed a kitten to a snake.

OK I’ll let you digest that for a second, no pun intended. Yes you read it right someone actually put a kitten, no more than four months old on to a bed before unleashing a Burmese python which promptly wrapped it up in a death grip before swallowing it whole.

You have to wonder what is going through people’s heads sometimes, actually, I’d rather not know.

On the same man’s YouTube account there is another video which sees a woman this time lowering a cat into a bath, taped to a broom.

Now first who tapes a cat to a broom? But secondly who then takes the extra step to lower it into a bath?

It is a big responsibility to get a pet, I know people who own cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and hamsters and they all made the decision to get them in the first place.

This means they look after them responsibly, care for them when they’re sick, feed them and make sure they want for nothing.

This is because animals can’t look after themselves. They can’t feed themselves, wash themselves or speak out when someone is being unnecessarily cruel.

If they could that kitten would have jumped off of the spoon, grabbed hold of it and hit the owner over the head.

If you don’t want a pet then don’t get one. To get a pet you have to make a conscious effort to go to a shelter or a breeder and pick one to care for.

I have a cat, everyday she’ll inevitably do something to annoy me in some way but there is no way I would ever hit her or do anything to hurt her.

That is because she is a harmless, defenceless animal who is about one sixteenth my size. Also I don’t hit her because it’s just plain wrong.

It’s coming up to the time of year where people will be thinking of getting pets for people for Christmas. Kids may have been bugging you for months or you may think it’s a cute idea for a partner. However, unless you can be assured the animal will be looked after then don’t do it. This is what happens, people get a pet they don’t really want or can’t afford to look after so either abandon them or, as our YouTube fiend has so eloquently shown us, dispose of them in some other way.