Gareth from the Office: Cheaters never win

Love Cheat
Love Cheat

THIS week Ashley Cole was reported to have admitted to making mistakes. Really Ashley? You don’t say? That’s like Amy Winehouse admitting she likes the occasional drink.

Now Cole admits to many stupid things, including shooting a work experience kid with an airgun. But among the stupidest things he has done, cheating on Cheryl Cole tops the list for me.

Gareth Ellis

Gareth Ellis

This is not just because I have a crush on the Girls Aloud singer, but because anyone who is cheats on their wife is plain stupid, regardless of how stunning they are.

A friend of mine recently told me that he could see why Ashley Cole cheated. Disgusted by his comments I asked him what in the world he could mean only for him to explain: “You would get bored going home to the same girl every night.”

Sorry, but surely that’s the point of a relationship or a marriage – you want to spend your time with one person, or am I missing the point?

All too often I hear about people cheating on fantastic girls, both inside and out, and I wonder how the hell they can do it. Sure if you’re single do whatever you want but surely you get into a relationship to be with one person.

A study showed that 19 per cent of people have cheated on a partner in the past, with men slightly more likely than women to do so. Having said that, it is rare for people to cheat more than once.

Of those who admitted to cheating, 37 per cent claimed they had only strayed once, and 21 per cent twice. But eight per cent of men and five per cent of women admitted to cheating an incredible 20 or more times.

The reasons behind the cheating made me laugh though. Some said they did it for a thrill, some said they did it to get revenge on a partner, and some because they were drunk.

The biggest percentage of people, though, cheated because of an unhappy relationship. If you’re that unhappy don’t be with your partner, simple. If you are so unhappy with someone that being with someone else makes you happier then that relationship is not for you.

If your reasons to cheat stem from the fact that simply you can, you’re not cool, you’re an idiot.

Plenty of people exude confidence and that’s fine, but if you’re not single then channel it into something better than cheating.

But I can’t finish this without a word for those men and women, who like Ms Cole, take their cheating partners back.

Love may be blind but how can you be so silly to believe that a cheat may change their ways.

The voice might say one thing but the eye just might keep wandering.