Gareth from the Office: Don’t write for books sake

KatiePriceAsda'Katie Price signing copies of "You Only Live Once" at Asda, Denbigh, and the attendant media scrum.''MPMC WK05 M11
KatiePriceAsda'Katie Price signing copies of "You Only Live Once" at Asda, Denbigh, and the attendant media scrum.''MPMC WK05 M11

I like to read. If a book is interesting enough I won’t want to put it down and I can finish it in a matter of days.

I love thrillers and if someone has led an interesting life I’ll tuck into an autobiography, but there lies the problem, it has to be interesting.

Gareth Ellis

Gareth Ellis

And interesting to me means that they have gone through a lot in their life, they have had some experiences that may be different to someone else’s with a bit of controversy thrown in as well.

In my opinion someone has to have had a life before they can write about it.

Theo Walcott is a footballer who has not really had a life much different to other teen footballers, or any other for that matter.

So why oh why at the age of 22 has he written a book? And who in their right mind would want to read it?

I’ve had a life that’s had some controversial and life changing moments, does that mean I should write a book?

So many people have cashed in on the book writing bandwagon and there are people out there who are stupid enough to buy them.

Jordan has had four books out. Four! And she’s only 33. Now I know people will say she’s been through a lot and I will agree; a model who filled herself full of silicone and had a baby by footballer Dwight Yorke after making a sex tape. Classy,

Since then she has appeared on TV shows with husbands Peter Andre and Alex Reid, a failed music career and more work done on her plastic body. I make that enough to fill one book, and even then that would be padded out with pictures.

It’s not that I have anything against the life she leads, each to their own in that respect, it’s that she, like many other people has cashed in on the stupidity of those who will buy them.

I’ve read books written by some very interesting people, such as George Best, and you may argue that he was nothing but a drunk but at least he was at an age where he had the chance to live a life.

Not some 22-year-old footballer, probably with an IQ close to his shirt number of 14, who was shunned by his national team.

It’s happened to players for years Theo, get over it.

I just wish that these people would wait until they have had to endure real tragedy before they feel the need to tell the public about it.

Firefighters, policemen and soldiers are people who have seen things we can’t even imagine. They are the people whose inspirational stories should be detailed.

But unlike ‘celebrities’ like Jordan they have a little thing called dignity.