Gareth from the Office: He’s not a model, but he’s looking good

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Gareth Ellis assesses the modern day fashion faux pas

And why is the long arm of the law not outstretched to pull up perpetrators of a crime that offends the sensibilites?

And more to the point why are they not pulling up their trousers?

I am referring, of course, to the ridiculous trend, a common sight these days, of men sporting the wearing of very low slung trousers. So low the crotch hangs down to the knees.

This so called fashion, referred to as sagging, is not only unflattering. but restricts the wearer’s movement to shuffling around like a penguin.

It’s widely believed that sagging was adopted from the US prison system, where belts are prohibited, and later popularised by hip hop artists.

I may be doing a disservice to my gender but I don’t understand what looks good about wearing jeans that are obviously too big for you. Some jeans are designed to sit a bit lower on the hips and fashionably show off your underpants.

The difference is those, low rise, sit about several inches below the waist not several inches above the knee.Fashions tend to roll round every few years with things that were cool one minute seem not so cool the next.

But I can’t see where this obsession came from. It seems skateboarders, and I apologise for stereotyping, adopted the craze in the early 90s

From then on celebrities, including Pharrell Williams, have taken the style on board and have influenced others to follow suit. I was just never one of them.

Now while I admit I am not always one who is completely on trend I still like to look good and that for me means feeling comfortable in what I’m wearing.

Believe me I have often tried to follow trends before realising it didn’t suit me. I would rather go with whatever makes me feel comfortable, I usually don’t look to see if it’s in fashion first.

Don’t get me wrong, I always want to look good and people will say I can spend a lot of time getting ready to go out. I just don’t always suit every trend that comes around.

I’ve tried every hairstyle David Beckham has ever gone for and trust me the bleached blond, centre parted curtains was not a good look, despite thinking otherwise at the time.

So next time you go out, if you’re looking to adopt the ‘sagging jeans’ look don’t bother with the belt. You and I know it’s unnecessary, so let’s not kid ourselves.

Maybe you’re spending less money on jeans that fit and more on pants. It would explain why you’re showing them off.