Gareth from the Office: It’s not me!

Raining Money
Raining Money

SO, after seven weeks and 14 rollovers, the Euromillions super-jackpot has finally been won.

You may have guessed, as I’m writing the column this week, that it wasn’t me, it was actually a charming couple from Ayrshire – which makes it slightly easier to swallow.

Gareth Ellis

Gareth Ellis

The fact is I wouldn’t have won it anyway.

You know the old phrase ‘you have to be in it to win it’? Well I wasn’t.

I tried to console myself with the fact that as the ticket was bought hundreds of miles away from where I would have purchased mine I was never destined to win it.

We had a discussion in the office this week about how you would spend £161 million and the answers – despite some being funny – all came to the conclusion that it would be near on impossible.

Think about it, if you bought a nice car or two and houses in a couple of exotic locations you wouldn’t even put a dent in it.

I feel for the couple who have been forced to flee to Spain to avoid begging letters from people asking them for j a slice of their fortune.

They have respectably said they will stay in their modest ‘wee’ house and keep their reliable Suzuki cars while also pledging to have some fun.

And it’s nice to know that amount of money will not change them as it would a lot of people.

But let’s face it, £161 million may be an obscene amount of money but even that pales in comparison to the UK debt, which is thought to stand at over £1,000 billion.

The lottery win wouldn’t have even put a dent in the interest payments that the country has accrued over the years.

But still, it would be nice to say that money wouldn’t change you – but it would. Whether the Weirs agree with me or not their lives are now completely different.

They will have to increase security and will become ‘celebrities’ overnight.

And the begging letters. OK people, you may be hard up for money, we all are at some point in our lives, but surely you don’t need to write to them and beg them for money.

I hope people leave the Weirs in peace.

They seem like a genuine, respectable couple who won’t be building a quad bike track in their garden a la Michael Carroll.

I’m sure the people who have written to the Weirs are genuinely in need of financial assistance but they have a right to enjoy their money as they see fit.

They have said they are going to enjoy themselves and rightfully so and they may give some away tofamily and friends but that is their choice.

But if they are reading this and have a spare million lying around...