Gareth from the Office: Kick racism out of life

Drissa Diallo (MK Dons) gets behind the anti-racism campaign in 2007
Drissa Diallo (MK Dons) gets behind the anti-racism campaign in 2007

ONE problem seems to be coursing its way through all walks of life at the moment – racism.

From sport to the X-Factor, racism rows are rearing their ugly heads all over the country.

Despite numerous campaigns against the problem we have recently seen a number of high profile race cases with footballer Luis Suarez allegedly abusing Patrice Evra and John Terry allegedly doing the same to Anton Ferdinand.

Now the latest row has erupted in the X-Factor with Kitty Brucknell allegedly racially abusing fellow contestant Derry Mensah.

Sorry, but why do people feel the need to bring someone’s colour into an argument? That should not be the reason you have an argument with someone or the main basis of your insults.

We’ve all been in arguments before and you think of some pretty nasty things to say– well, that might be just me being evil.

But I have never thought of bringing race into the argument. Heat of the moment or not, you should not need to bring race into an argument to win it.

People of a number of cultures have lived in various countries for centuries and even in Milton Keynes we have dozens of cultures across the city, and why not?

Everyone who enters this city should be allowed to live here if they so wish, regardless of their colour or their faith. And if they choose to live here then so what?

If someone is rude or obnoxious then their colour should not add further ire to that. You should dislike them because of that fact rather than any other.

And I’m sorry, people should not be able to cite ‘heat of the moment’ for a racist comment. They are just unacceptable, full stop.

If John Terry is found to have made a racial slur then he should be punished heavily and so should Luis Suarez.

Kitty should then surely be booted off the X-Factor.

The minute that thought enters your head you’re not guilty, the second it moves past your lips, you are. Simple.

However, if the innocent until proven guilty trio are found to have done nothing wrong then that is the end of it. I see no reason for these things to be blown out of proportion if nothing has in fact been said.

However, the precedent needs to be set for these three if in fact they are found to be guilty, because something needs to be done so that it doesn’t happen again.

Racism is something that should not only be kicked out of football but should be kicked out of life. The problem is, saying it is easier said than done.