Gareth from the Office: Moan... or do something about it

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In Britain we may not be good at football and the weather may not always be great but there’s one thing we English are good at, and that’s moaning. We all love a moan.

Whether it’s on the state of the economy or the state of our houses we love to complain. But the big thing is if it doesn’t involve you then you find it to be complaining, but if you agree then all of a sudden it’s ‘what a great point, you’re right there’.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good moan. If someone winds me up, I moan to my friends, if my mum or dad wind me up, I moan to my brother and for everything else I just moan in this column to you good people.

In Milton Keynes we have had a fair bit to rile us up over the last couple of months. For a few weeks the weather was making it impossible to travel great distances and all people could think about was the state of the roads and how the council weren’t doing enough to clear them. Or how they couldn’t drive their cars for fear of having an accident.

But the truth is you moan if it affects you. That did, so I complained.

I cursed the snow for making travelling hard, but I stay with my the stance I made in an earlier version of this column – I think they did a great job.

Now unfortunately the council is also the source of the second gripe around Milton Keynes in the last couple of weeks, thanks to the rubbish situation, with… rubbish.

Now again, if it has affected you then you will join in with the complaints without much thought but if it hasn’t and you have found a way around it then you will be perturbed by the level of complaints made by others.

Personally, I haven’t had a problem with it, but I can see where people could find faults. But complaining about things will never get anything done, other than getting something off your chest.

There is always a way around things. If it snows and you don’t want to use your car, then don’t. If petrol prices are too high then don’t drive and if your bin bags aren’t being collected then either accept the fact that binmen need a Christmas as well, take them to the tip yourself or just don’t put them out at all – that might stop the bin bags piling up.

The fact of the matter is that there are some things in life that you will always complain about, but have absolutely no control over.

There will always be things that happen in life that you don’t agree with. But no matter what happens you can always do something about it.

So invest in those new tyres so you can drive in the snow, take your rubbish to the tip and if petrol prices get any higher, it might be time to invest in a bike.