Gareth from the Office: New Year, New You

Gareth will be competing in the London Marathon in 2011
Gareth will be competing in the London Marathon in 2011

Christmas is over and it’s that time of year when we all do two things. Firstly, we all start to think of New Years resolutions, promises to ourselves to live our lives differently to make it better.

Then secondly we break them.

If you do make a resolution it shouldn’t be anything too drastic. It shouldn’t be something that you are going to have to try really hard to do, or shouldn’t it?

A New Year resolution can be as big or small a wish as you want. It can range from vowing to lose weight to quitting smoking but it should be something that makes a difference - no matter how big.

For example, if you only smoke once in a blue moon then quitting smoking might not be the resolution for you.

The turn of the year does not make it compulsory to make a change, rather it is a chance for you to do so. A reason to act differently, be more positive or change your attitude.

Last year I vowed to do something different every day and be more impulsive. Both I impulsively gave up sharpish.

This year I am aiming to be much more determined. On the fun side I got a camera for Christmas so one of my resolutions is to take more pictures. Not too challenging. I like taking pictures and love being in them. The second is something I know holds me back both professionally and personally. A lack of decisiveness. I need to be more decisive. Then again I’m not really sure.

Sorry, the joke was bad but the resolution stands.

And thirdly, I need to get fitter. I know I improved that earlier this year but in April of next year I will be competing in the London marathon.

So I know I must stick to these. The marathon may make me fitter, but it’s my vanity that will keep me that way. I like looking good and I want to complete the marathon so put the two together and it’s easier. Isn’t it?

But there will be those across Milton Keynes who smoke 40 a day and want to quit smoking, or those who eat seven meals a day and want to be healthier and to those people I say good luck.

That is a huge life change and my only advice would be not to look at the final picture but instead take your challenge day by day.

You need to try and think not of the final destination but of the journey there and why you are on it.

Maybe you want to lose a bad temper because you want to be more friendly, or you want to lose weight and look good for the summer.

So good luck. I hope you all have a happy, prosperous 2011 and achieve everything you want to. I’ll be looking to do the same.