Gareth from the Office: Raise a glass, but not too many

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SO a bar in Warrington is selling drinks to students for just 10p? My question, what’s the big deal?

Ever since there have been students there have been student nights, where university goers are offered drinks at a lower price to drive them in.

But businesses don’t care, the manager even defended the club saying that other places offered drinks at just 1p.

And the bars don’t care about the students once they’re out of the club. As far as they’re concerned it’s get them in, get them drunk then get them out.

It’s turning into a competition to see who can be the most irresponsible.

Only one winner in that contest, and that’s the students themselves.

Now I understand the hypocrisy of having a dig at students drinking a lot considering just four years ago I graduated, and yes I have been to a few places that offered £1 a pint or lower.

But the point is nobody forced the drink down our necks, and we, well I especially, did not develop a super-human ability to consume more alcohol. I still got drunk whether I spent £10 or £100.

The point is clubs may be irresponsible by setting their prices so low but they are just playing to their target audience. They know that students will visit their bar if they know they can get in, and get drunk for less than £10.

People may argue that A&E departments may soon become overcrowded with students needing hospital treatment but that is their own fault. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but people know where their limit is.

Why should it be perceived as cool to continually push that limit so far that you end up in the emergency room, or get so drunk you don’t know where you are or what you’re doing?

I have been out on many nights when I have reached that limit and said no more. I’ve even walked out of a club, without telling anyone, got in a cab and gone home. If someone gives you some stick then so what? At least you won’t be throwing up afterwards.

People need to take some responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others. Only you can pick a glass up and pour it down your throat, no-one else.

And I’m not telling people not to go out and have fun, far from it, but at least the next morning don’t blame the 20p a pint club that YOU chose to go to with YOU in control of how much you drank.

Just be careful. If you’re going to be in a club for a few hours what makes you think you have to drink all your drinks within an hour of being there?

Quickest answer to that don’t.