Gareth from the Office: Taking the mic

The stage is set
The stage is set

SO, after a summer of ifs, buts and maybes X-Factor has returned for another year but without Cheryl Cole.

Just one of the many reasons I haven’t tuned into the show again this year.

At least not until it gets down to the good singers.

Every year people are subjected to sob stories of the highest order where a contestant has beaten the odds to appear on X-Factor and sing like an angel.

Sorry but it’s a load of contrived rubbish. Some people go on the show, sing their hearts out, are genuinely talented, get voted through and then blend into the background.

But I was wondering. How do producers and people involved with the show know that someone is going to be any good, before they’ve even auditioned?

Oh come on you know what I mean; there are 11 million of you watching it surely someone has noticed?

Why do they send a camera round a person’s house to tell their story and show it seconds before their audition?

Surely they don’t know if someone is going to be any good until they step out on stage.

The reason is they want viewers to get behind a certain person knowing full well who already has the best chance of getting through, and even winning.

No doubt the people they highlight through the auditions stage will be there or thereabout in the final weeks but they won’t be the ones who win it.

I must admit in previous years the show has gripped me but only in the last few weeks when you start to see the real talent emerge.

Sometimes I think people are chosen for their popularity or future marketability rather than a blindingly obvious talent.

A sob story will get people more involved than some run-of-the-mill singer with a fantastic voice.

I thought talent would be the main factor in a TALENT show but hey, who am I to judge?

The omission of good singers, replaced by pretty people of course, then creates controversy, which then encourages more people watch it to see if the annoying teenager will be kicked out this week.

Producers aren’t stupid, but they make the viewers look so.

I know I say this every year but X Factor should just be about the best singer, not who has the best marketability.

Dozens of singers each year have wonderful voices but don’t have the ‘popstar’ sound or poster image that the judges want.

Why else would they get signed up anyway after the show has finished?

Maybe as the show is coming towards its conclusion one of the finalists could out themselves to the world.

Come on, it seemed to work quite well for Will Young, didn’t it?