Gareth from the Office: The evils of drink

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There’s nothing wrong with liking a drink, or even a good night out. What there is something wrong with is what one too many drinks can do to people.

Now I am not claiming to be any kind of saint. I have been drunk on numerous occasions and paid for it the next day - I don’t know many people that haven’t. And each time I vow never to drink again.

Where I will never see the sense in saying that there is something else that tends to have me confused. Why do people get violent when they drink? In the last eight years of going out in the city centre’s clubs I can count on one hand the amount of times I have lost my temper because of drink, I can’t imagine wanting to ruin my friend’s night out.

I am actually quite lucky. The people I usually go out with are not the violent types. They’re the fun drunks, the quiet, sleepy drunks, the kind of people you talk to the next day sharing a laugh, not a police cell.

But the subject of violence and drinking struck me on Friday night - quite literally. I was standing at the bar of a Milton Keynes club - the name of which I will leave out - when me and a friend heard a commotion. As we turned round a drunken idiot had picked up a bar stool and decided to throw it at someone he was arguing with.

Was he merely trying to intimidate the other man or was he seriously considering smashing his head with a chair?

Believe it or not I think he was trying to intimidate the man – if he wasn’t then why would he not have gone over and hit him with it?

But when he threw it did it hit it’s intended target? Unless the target was my shin then I’m going to say no. But how many people when presented with that scenario would react back in a violent way? Believe me I wanted to be one of them but thought ‘what’s the point?’

The problems arise though when people do react, when they have had ‘too much drink’ and are ‘unaware’ of what they are doing. Sure you had too much last night mate but what about the person whose last night it could have been?

Again, I am fortunate enough to have never seen the effects of alcohol at its worst – at least first hand. You read about these things and pray you never see it, a sentiment I will always re-iterate.

I know now that there are people who may see me out and may see me drunk, but one thing is for sure it won’t be in the back of a police car, passed out in the street or being sick everywhere.

No, I’m the kind of drunk who thinks they can dance when in actual fact, if I was sober, I would realise what a fool I looked.

Time gentleman please...