Gareth from the Office: UK is not having a riot

Coral Bookmakers
Coral Bookmakers

IF recession wasn’t enough, now our Great Britain is slowly starting to look less so.

Great is the last word I would use to describe the riots that are happening in London, and now, as I write this, in areas across the country including Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Gareth Ellis

Gareth Ellis

But why? What was the spur for these horrific scenes? Was it that people were angry at the shooting of suspected gangster Mark Duggan?

At first it started so peacefully. Around 120 people marched from Broadwater Farm to Tottenham police station at 5.30pm on Saturday demanding justice for Duggan’s family.

Then just three hours later, as police attempted to move people on, two cop cars were set alight, windows were smashed and buildings were torched.

Over the last few days we have seen the riots spread to many other areas with copycat action taking place. But what the hell are they trying to achieve?

What good will looting and attacking innocent people do? I’ll tell you – none.

This has already gone on long enough but what can the authorities do with huge crowds of troublemakers thwarting any attempt at proper policing?

People across social networking sites have been calling on the police to be allowed more power to tackle the rioters, even suggesting that the army be drafted in to pepper them with rubber bullets.

If that is the only way to get through to brainless idiots, then maybe that is the answer.

Personally, I think that action of that kind may incense more people than it deters but something needs to be done.

Innocent people are being forced to stay in their homes, scared to even look out of the window as they see their neighbourhood torn apart by violent criminals.

A friend of mine has a brother who has been sandwiched in between the violence and can’t even get out to get the carers for his wife, who suffers with MS.

That’s just not fair – but the sad thing is the looters and rioters don’t give a monkeys.

They are probably so far into this now that they have forgotten why they started in the first place. Sometimes the only way to clear hardened scum is with a high pressure water cannon – maybe the PM should think of that.

But the looters and rioters, angry at the police for potentially making a mistake in shooting a man who had not fired a shot at them, should look at themselves.

Their actions will not bring that man back or change the fact that you’re sending our great country to the dogs.

But does that matter to them?

As long as they are ‘sticking it to the government’ they couldn’t care less. Bravo.