Gareth from the Office: What now for Amanda Knox?

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SO Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollicito are free. After spending four years in jail they have been freed but the big question is, what now?

Nothing should be the answer, they should fade off into obscurity not bothering us and us not bothering them, but that won’t happen, now will it.

As soon as the judge gave his not guilty plea yesterday the pound, dollar and euro signs would have been fluttering across her tear stained eyes.

I imagine now there will be interviews, pictures and even a movie made of the harrowing tale, but in these situations does anyone think of the parents?

For four years the Kercher family have had someone to blame for the horrible way in which their daughter was murdered but now they have been left with an empty hole in their lives that was once filled by their daughter.

And now when they look at newspapers, listen to the radio and watch television they will be faced with the two people who they have been forced to hate for the last four years staring back at them.

But the key word in that sentence is forced. Some monumental mistakes were made in the first trial. They must have been.

How can the first jury have had enough evidence to convict them only for an appeal jury to dismiss it because the evidence was flawed?

Am I being naive or is there something a little bit suspect about that?

I was one of millions who sat watching the trial live on Monday night and through the wonderful power of translation I was as confused as a number of other news channels.

The judge initially said guilty but was referring to a case of defamation brought against Miss Knox. Then they were quickly forced to change it to cleared.

Through all the cheering and hugging and crying there was one woman who sat silently with dignity, albeit through an amazing amount of grief and that was Meredith Kercher’s mother Arline.

She must have been hit by a torrent of emotion as that verdict was read out, yet she sat dignified, without reaction and my heart sank for her.

I hope that when the movie-makers are considering the big screen debut of Amanda Knox they handle it with some tact, for the sake of Meredith Kercher’s friends and family.

Through all the celebration of acquittal on Monday night Knox’s ‘good friend’ was mentioned just once.

If she was such a good friend...I’m not going to get into that right now I just hope that one day Meredith’s family gets some answers, and not just the ones played out on a movie screen.