Gareth from the Office: Would Ya?

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SOME people are famous and rightfully so. They do something or have done something in their lives that is worthwhile to society.

Some people are famous because they’re social parasites. Take a look at Matthew Wright for example. He started a debate on his television phone-in the day after Amanda Knox had been freed entitled Foxy Knoxy: Would Ya?

Now I don’t know where to start on how wrong that is. If you said the name Matthew Wright you will think of that controversial phone in, but what would you have thought before?

That’s right, you wouldn’t know who in the blue hell he was, just a nobody trying to make a name for himself, by any means necessary.

In years to come you will recognise Wayne Rooney as a footballer and Jack Nicholson as an actor. Legitimately famous for being good at what they do.

If you think of people like Matthew Wright and Jeremy Kyle you think of THAT phone-in and the King of Chavs.

There are some people out there who would have thought Matthew Wright did nothing wrong, and maybe he didn’t but the thing is he had a conversation you would have in the pub on live television.

Those two are not alone but there are people who quite literally feed off others with the intellect of a common housefly. Have you ever seen Jeremy Kyle talk about something other than council estate problems with the equivalent of the socially inept?

No, because he plays to his audience. He knows that people only watch his show because they want to feel better about themselves.

They want to look down on the people who are on the show and laugh at them.

Andy Warhol once said that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, people nowadays will do anything to make that happen.

Look at the amount of people who visit ‘King Kyle’ on his show. How can they possibly think that their problems will be solved by being talked down to by him?

They go on the show themselves because they want to look back weeks later and think ‘Oh look I was on TV’ like it’s an accomplishment.

Some people will do anything for fame and they don’t care how low they sink, as Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity and whatever other Roller Disco, Pop Idol on Ice will show you.

If anybody, including myself, wanted to they could be in the papers, for all the wrong reasons.

If you want ‘fame’ and ‘notoriety’ you can lower and debase yourself in a number of ways.

God knows there are people that already do...