Gareth from the Office: Wrong people being defended

Rememberance Day Parade Leighton Buzzard''wk 45 M9
Rememberance Day Parade Leighton Buzzard''wk 45 M9

I READ in the news this week that staff at the Ministry of Defence have been paid £6,000 bonuses and they have got rid of frontline soldiers.

Is it me being silly or have they got that the wrong way around?

Soldiers are arguably involved in the bravest profession in the world. Where else do you put your life on the line every time you go to work?

I know in recent months two major threats in the ‘war on terror’ were killed – with Osama Bin Laden and Colonel Gaddafi being ‘compromised’ by armed forces.

But I’m sorry, it should be pen pushers getting the shove and soldiers getting the bonuses.

Those operations still would have been extremely dangerous and people were still putting their lives on the line in an attempt to make ours better.

Since 2001 I have had a number of friends who have bravely served our country overseas in various places – including Afghanistan – and they are the ones who are deserving of a bonus.

What’s the most danger you could come up against in an office? Running out of coffee? Getting a paper cut? Please.

Compare that to getting shot at on a daily basis and then tell me the argument doesn’t stand up.

Around 2,500 servicemen across the world have lost their lives in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan with almost 400 of those being British soldiers.

I’ve spoken at length, in the past, on the subject of footballers, for example, being vastly over paid in comparison to our servicemen.

But I’m sorry no-one, other than our emergency services, deserve to get bonuses, or performance based rewards, more than soldiers.

The Army, Navy and RAF could eventually slash 17,000 jobs, a move that could put our military at risk.

The big threats of Gaddafi, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein may have been thwarted but who’s to say another group won’t rise up and threaten our safety?

In that situation we need the support of our armed forces. We can’t have our safety compromised just because the MoD needs to save a few pounds.

Every year, even every month, we are subjected to stories of extreme bravery or a situation where a soldier has lost a limb or two fighting for our safety.

So how can anyone deny THEM a bonus, and even their jobs?I think it’s disgusting that this is even being considered. Why oh why are we thinking of cutting down the strength of our armed forces?

We should be backing them and showing them more respect than we obviously are. Because eventually we will need them again, and in a big way.

And I think a soldier would do better protecting us than a pen pusher.