Gas blast house had no gas supply

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The gas explosion in Bletchley was a “chance in a million” disaster probably caused by mains gas leaking out along sewer pipes.

And the victim who was pulled from the rubble of her kitchen did not even have gas in the house, the Citizen can reveal.

The woman was cooking dinner on Tuesday last week when there was a huge explosion.

Neighbour James Johnson rushed in to find her buried under bricks and debris.

Miraculously she did not suffer any major injury and is this week living elsewhere while her Gairloch Avenue home is still boarded up.

This week Eaton Manor Councillor Alan Webb said: “What was strange was that the lady did not have any gas. Her gas meter was sealed off and all her appliances were electric.”

Southern Gas is still investigating the explosion but the likely cause is understood to be a gas leak in a mains pipe directly outside the house.

It is believed the gas travelled along the waste pipes and had also spread to other parts of the Lakes Estate.

Said Mr Webb: “Residents some streets away noticed a smell of gas. But the fact that the Gairloch Avenue house exploded seems to have been a chance in a million.”

He has praised and thanked Thames Valley Police, South Midlands Ambulance, the Red Cross, Bucks Fire, MK Council officers, and Rescue Southern Gas Networks as well as friends and neighbours who all helped during the crisis.

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