GCSEs: Denbigh students set their sights on the future

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Delighted Denbigh School Students have been celebrating some outstanding GCSE results, with the top 12 students collectively securing the equivalent of 15 A* grades.

The school continues to break records as 92% of all students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades, with 75% of students securing 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Maths - both an increase on the benchmarks set last year.

Sarah Parker, headteacher at Denbigh, said: “I am really proud of our students who have achieved some tremendous results.

“This year’s cohort through their hard work and commitment have achieved record results. Our development of real partnerships between students, parents and teachers has contributed towards the very high achievment.

“The success of the students just serves to underline Denbigh’s continuing commitment to high quality teaching and learning in core subjects which have real currency beyond school.”

There were many outstanding individual performances, with some students achieving full marks in their examination papers and many taking AS levels a year early.

Student Greg Fung’s hard work landed him six A*s, three A grades and a B, and is now going to continue his studies in to the school’s sixth form.

“He said: “I’m really pleased with my results, and i’m grateful my organised revision has paid off!

“After sixth form I would like to go to uni to study something related to sports - perhaps Sports physiotherapy or sports engineering,”

Alice Rose earned four A*s, two As and three Bs, and will now study English, media, maths and history at sixth form.

She said: “It’s a massive relief that all my hard work has paid off. I’m now looking forward to sixth form with the hope of studying journalism at university later on.”

Georgia Murphy achieved six A*s, amongst a total of 12 GCSEs altogether, and will be studying history, English, geography and psychology and sixth form. She said: “I’m really happy with my results and I plan to celebrate tonight!”

Alanna Stewart-Bateman got five A*s and six A grades, allowing her to stay on at sixth form, where she hopes to lay the ground work for a grand career.

“I want to be a doctor,” she said. “I put in a lot of work to get these results. It shows that all the hard work has paid off!”

Claire Reading was shocked to see that she had nine A* GCSEs on her results sheet, along with another two A grads and two Bs.

She said: “I didn’t expect to do so well and get this many A*s.

“I did a lot of revision and started very early!”

Lara Bland said her parents were so proud of her after she scored seven A*s and five A grades.

She said: “I called them straight away and they were really pleased for me.

“It wasn’t easy, and we all put in such a lot of work to get the grades we have.”

Lara is already planning for a career in medicine and midwifery.