GCSEs: It’s not all about grades at Walton high

GCSE Results at Walton High
GCSE Results at Walton High

SOME students had more than one reason to celebrate as they picked up their GCSE results at Walton High.

Kim Aldred and Oliver Dean not only did brilliantly in their exams, but in life outside of school too.

Kim said: “As soon as my last exam finished, I jumped in the car with my family and took part in the European Championships in my Kayak!

“I didn’t feel that much extra pressure, I just felt really excited. I finished fourth in Austria so it was well worth it. It was the same for the World Championships last summer too, when I had to leave just after my exams!

“I put in a lot of work to get the grades I got. I had to lock myself away and not see much of my friends, so now I’m going to celebrate!”

Kim scored seven As, six Bs and a Distinction Star.

Oliver meanwhile scored an A8, three A grades, seven Bs and two Distinction Stars, but is already laying the groundwork for his future career.

He said: “I’ve been working with BBC Three Counties radio, and am getting a show on Sunday mornings. I’m also doing a show with Radio 4.

“It’s the career I really want to get in to, and I have already started to get my foot in the door. I want to present the Radio 1 Breakfast Show one day so it’s a good start.

“I put in as much work as I could before the exams, but I didn’t have as much time as I’d have wanted.

“I am really happy with my results though.”

Sharon Alexander, vice principal at Walton High said she always gets emotional when the results come out.

“I’m normally crying with the students!” she joked. “It is a very proud moment for teachers because we see how much hard work the students put in to get their grades.

“As long as they’re happy with their results, so are we.

“Teenagers get quite a bad reputation, but there are so many who lead such great lives, do so much outside of school and have great futures ahead of them.”

It was a good year overall for Walton High, with 22 students getting 10 or more A* and A grades, while 78 per cent managed to get at least one A* or A.