Geek Atlas is a big seller to book lovers

Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park

HUNDREDS of people flocked to Bletchley Park to have copies of the popular Geek Atlas signed by its author, John Graham-Cumming.

The book lists 128 places around the world that are considered to be sites where science and technology come alive and on Saturday, January 15, the author visited the world famous site.

Bletchley Park is one of 40 English sites that is featured in the book and lines up along places of interest including Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker and the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

John was happy to sign copies of the book from people who visited Bletchley Park from all over the world with some people travelling from as far afield as Australia.

The Bletchley site is on the list as it is home to the world famous Enigma machine which was used to decipher German messages in World War Two.

Other important monuments which make the book include The Final Home of Leonardo da Vinci in Château du Clos Lucé, Amboise, France and Alexander Graham Bell’s Summer Home in Nova Scotia, Canada.