Genius boy, 16 , off to Oxford uni

canon sun
canon sun

A CHILD prodigy who passed his maths A level at the age of TWELVE is set to start at Oxford University - at the tender age of 16.

Baby-faced Canon Sun has notched up four grade A and A * A levels and 11 top grade GCSEs.

This week he was offered an unconditional place at St John’s college Oxford to study physics.

He will be the youngest student there when he starts in October, one month before his 17th birthday.

Yet to Canon’s family, his achievements are far from exceptional. In fact, they are almost NORMAL.

For his older sister Regine is currently at Balliol, Oxford, after passing nine A levels with flying colours.

Brother Clement is doing a masters degree at York, where he is studying electronic engineering.

“I don’t know what we did to have such clever children!” said dad Cheung, who lives at Woughton on the Green.

A former maths teacher, he moved the family from Hong Kong to England just 10 years ago.

Callum went to Heronsgate school then Walton High, and took his first A level in Year 7, gaining a Grade A.

The following year he scooped an A * in Further Mathematics, followed by Physics and Chemistry.

“He was ready to take his exams in junior school but they couldn’t really accommodate it” said Mr Sun.

Currently Canon is at boarding school in Brighton, where he is whiling away the time before university studying for more exams.

“He’s studying AS Levels in arts subjects like history and English now now. He’s doing it out of interest, not because he has to,” said his dad.