Geography ambassador connects pupils at St Paul's in Milton Keynes

Pupils have found their love of Geography thanks to a visit from a Royal Geographical Society student ambassador.

Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 9:52 am
Updated Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 10:17 am
Jas Berrill at St Paul's Catholic School

Jas Berrill was welcomed into St Paul’s Catholic School earlier this term to help enthuse pupils in Years 7 to 11 about her favourite subject.

Amanda Rutherford, head of geography at St Paul’s, said: “The sessions aimed to show pupils how geography touches our lives and to open their eyes to the many opportunities this important subject offers for study and for a wide range of future careers.”

Pupils listened to talks and participated in geography-themed games and quizzes.

One of their favourites was a game where they had to write down a hobby and then explain how this might link to geography.

Pupils held a ball of string which they had to unravel so that they could pass it to another pupil to talk about their hobby. By the end of the game, the string had formed a web around the classroom showing how geography is connected to and impacts on so many aspects of our lives.

Amanda added: “We’re very grateful to the RGS, and especially to Jas, for spending this valuable time with our pupils. I know that they found her visit informative and fun and have come away with a renewed enthusiasm for geography.”