Get an earful of this lot, folks!

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THE third annual Woburn Sands Folk Festival will fill the air with sound on Saturday, when a stream of artists get set to liven up the town.

Edgewick Farm is the main venue for the musicality, and a whopping 10 hours of sounds set to do the rounds from 10.30am.

We’ve got the full breakdown of artists for you on the right, but music aside, there will be plenty of other bits and bobs to get your teeth into.

Arts, crafts and heritage stalls will attract attentions, and we are sure the food stalls and bar won’t exactly be low on visitor numbers.

Parking needn’t be a problem for you either – simply park up the motor at Frosts Garden Centre, and hop onboard the free shuttle bus that will ferry you to the venue.

Take a tent, pack up a picnic and remember your own drinks if you like, so long as you leave glass bottles at home.

If you want to sit down, remember: a blanket is invaluable!

“You don’t have to be a folk fan to enjoy it,” Gillian Stackpoole. chair of organisers said, extending a warm invitation to everyone to give the folk-fest a look-in.

“It’s a great family-friendly day out and there has been a fabulous atmosphere at the previous two,” she added.

Additionally, dancers will perform at Mowbray Green, The Swan and the War Memorial throughout the day.

Those appearing include Bedfordshire Lace, Moulton Morrismen, Stony Steppers, Old Mother Redcaps, Wicket Brood, Royal Oak Morris, Queen’s Oak, Pumphouse Morris Clog, Shore Tars Rapper and children from Swallowfield school.

If you want to swot-up before you head across, hit the website at

EYES Down for the full line-up...

10.30-11am: A Quintet of Six

11am: Opening Speech, followed by

11.10-11.50am: The Screaming House Madrigals

11.50am & 12.20pm: Life & Times

12.30-1pm: Tree Fellahs

1.10-1.40pm: Jim McDonald

1.50-2.20pm: Roddy Clenaghan

2.30-3pm: Penni McLaren-Walker

3.10-3.40pm: The Big Fiddle Band

3.50-4.20pm: Steppacapella

4.30-5pm: Strangeworld (above)

5.10-5.40pm: Beats Working

5.50-6.20pm: Linda Watkins

6.30-7pm: Jigsaw

7.10-7.40pm: Kobold

7.50-8.20pm: The Hairy Mary’s

8.20-8.30pm: Closing Speech and last song – Sue Malleson will join The Hairy Mary’s to call a dance.

Meantime, if you are in town, go check these:

12.30pm: John Stevens, The Royal Oak

1pm: The Hairy Mary’s, The Swan

2pm: Tim Hague, The Fir Tree

8.30pm: Mike McDaid. The Swan

8.30pm: John Stevens and Vic Longhorn, The Royal Oak

9pm: The Hairy Mary’s, The Weathercock