Get closer to the birds with new lake platform

Parks Trust platform
Parks Trust platform

VISITORS to Furzton Lake will now be able to take in the views while feeding water birds thanks to a new platform.

The wooden structure was designed and installed by The Parks Trust and was built out over the lake so that birds can now be fed out on the water.

It has been built complete with anti-slip walkways and railings to make sure people are as safe as possible.

Head of operations at the Parks Trust, Rob Rieke, said: “We know that people enjoy coming to our parks to feed the birds and wanted to create an area where people could do this at a safe spot which lets them appreciate the wildlife and view the beautiful surrounds of Furzton Lake.”

The entrance to the new facility will be close to the car park at Shirwell Crescent.

Rob added: “Another advantage of the feeding platform is that it should help keep the area around the lake cleaner by reducing the mess birds create when they come out of the water to get their food.

“There should also be less food left scattered on the ground where it can potentially attract vermin.”

Visitors can get advice on what to feed the birds at the lake from charities including the RSPB by visiting their website at