Get healthy because Walking Works

Civic Offices
Civic Offices

People looking to get active are being encouraged to join up with the council’s sports development team for a health walk.

After the launch of Walking Works, a new extensive review by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support highlights the mounting research and evidence to show how walking can be the answer to the physical inactivity epidemic in England.

Milton Keynes Health Walks are one of Walking for Health’s 600 local schemes across England that organise short, free walks led by friendly, trained walk leaders. There are 15 different adult walking groups all across MK. The groups walk at a variety of pace, to suit walkers of all fitness and ability levels. Walks range from 35 minutes to an hour and take place every day of the week. The scheme has grown over the last eight years and offers fun and social groups for everyone to join and enjoy walking.

Councillor Debbie Brock, Chair of the Milton Keynes Health and Wellbeing Board said: “It’s wonderful to read how much walking can do to help people live healthier and happier lives, and how schemes like ours across the country are helping people get more active. We hope people in Milton Keynes will join the health walking groups for a walk, so they can also experience the many benefits of being active.”

For more information about local walks, visit:

Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support said: “It is sad that so many lives are put at risk each year due to inactivity. For cancer patients, being active can help manage some of the debilitating consequences of treatment and can even help reduce the chance of some cancers returning.

“Inactivity is a nationwide epidemic that must be tackled now before it is too late. Healthcare professionals need to ensure that they prescribe physical activity, such as walking, as an intrinsic part of a healthy lifestyle.”