Get the massage: All’s Well At Work

Alls Well At Work massage service give Citizen staff a massage
Alls Well At Work massage service give Citizen staff a massage

THERE’S an awful lot of typing involved in two newspapers, a website and several social media sites.

And as someone who, by a Friday, generally finds himself hunched over his keyboard or taking up some other bizarre position from the Kama Sutra of desk gymnastics I can appreciate the philosophy of workplace masseurs All’s Well At Work.

The massage therapy duo of Cecilia Simpson and Helen Nagle-Smith work throughout the offices of Milton Keynes to ease the aching backs and shoulders of the city’s workers.

And the pair were kind enough to drop into the Citizen offices to give our flagging team a demonstration of their skills.

Aching shoulders and muscle tension can lead to people struggling to concentrate and even suffering from headaches.

All’s Well At Work take massage therapy into the workplace where many employees who wouldn’t otherwise have booked appointments can take advantage of their services.

Helen tells me: “We’re experienced in working with clients who have postural or stress related issues due to their work environments..

“Being hunched over computers, commuting and any perceived pressure are just some casual factors.”

The treatments take between just five and 30 minutes per person and as I am given my massage I soon forget the problems of Milton Keynes Council and the latest debate on The Point and sink into the massage chair.

The massage itself isn’t simply a relaxing rub, as Helen stretches, twists and grinds my muscles back into a more appropriate shape.

But I quickly begin to feel the tension disappear and I’m soon feeling more relaxed – if a little sleepy.

Helen and Cecilia boast that their treatments help reduce stress among staff, leaving them invigorated and ready to crack on with the job at hand.

While I certainly felt more relaxed, the prospect of forty winks probably appealed more than a return to the cut and thrust of local journalism, but it was Friday afternoon after all.

What’s certainly true is that the team all felt better for having the treatments – and much more willing to accept that 250 word space that needed filling...

> More information can be found at, or by calling Helen on 07966248859 or Cecilia on 07793938249