Get your children’s eyes tested for free

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Scrivens Opticians is warning that many parents are putting their children at risk of slow development or even future health problems by not taking advantage of free eye tests.

Eye tests are free to children under the age of 16, or 19 if in full time education, but according to recent figures, only 22 per cent of children get their eyes tested in any one year.

Elizabeth Mills and her team fears that parents don’t know the examination is free of charge for children and could be putting them at risk by not taking them for a regular check-up.

Elizabeth said: “It is essential to protect vision in the early years of life. Obstacles to vision such as squints and refractive errors can lead to “lazy” eye, which unless detected and treated early could lead to irreversible visual impairment.

“Poor vision can also effect a child’s educational and social development. If a child cannot see the classroom board clearly or cannot see the words written on a page or computer screen comfortably, they will most likely fall behind their peers in development.”

To book your child’s eye test at your local Scrivens Branch this Easter Holidays, visit